You just have to see that it's wrapped in beauty and hidden away in between the seconds of your life. If you don't stop for a minute, you might miss it.
(Quote from the movie Cashback - Sean Ellis, 2006)

Bert Blondeel

Photographer and graphic designer.

Using my father’s old Nikon F-501 film camera, I started exploring photography as a teenager in the mid ‘90s. Photography was a part of the Graphic Design studies I did then. It was a mostly pre-digital time. Graphic design was a hybrid craft balancing between computer and analogue techniques. Photography was still all analogue. 

Today, I still use that same analogue F-501 camera sometimes. It has become part of a small collection of analogue and digital cameras I’ve collected and worked with over the past decades.

As most photographers today, my work now is made made mainly with digital cameras. But film never went away and although the better part of post processing work is now done digitally in Lightroom, my bathroom is still often transformed into a little darkroom…

On this website, you will find a small selection of my work as photographer. It contains both professional and more personal work, both digital and analogue.

Education (1993-2004): 

General Visual Arts education (KASK, Dendermonde)
Graphic Design (VISO, Mariakerke-Ghent)
Audiovisual Arts (Masters degree - Sint-Lukas, Brussels)


Work (2004- present): 

Teacher: Digital image editing/Film-video editing (CVO Focus)
Freelance Graphic Designer (www.greyclouds.be)
Freelance Photographer



Some of my pictures were featured in magazines, websites, newspapers, etc... a small selection of my published work you can find here.



Would you like to book me as a photographer? Are you interested in a print, a workshop, cooperation for a project or as a model? Or any other questions...

Feel free to me.


Portrait photo: Self portrait with my grandfather's Miranda Sensorex film camera. One of the analogue cameras I still use today... 

Photo header: © Eric Verstraeten / nextgenerationphoto.be

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Hi, thanks for visiting my website! I'm Bert, a photographer and graphic designer living and working in Belgium.

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